Sheilah Rechtschaffer Solo Exhibitions


Listening to Jazz Hudson Beach Gallery  Sept 8 – Oct 7, 2018

Interacting with Jazz Croton Free Library Gallery  November 3 – December 26, 2018

These two shows presented a continuing body of work that focuses on the experience of simultaneously listening to specific jazz compositions, and painting with gestures that emulate jazz improvisation. Visitors to the gallery were invited to interact with each painting through QR Codes to understand and experience these two non-verbal art forms.

Size 18 x 30"

QR Code viewers 8:7:19 copy.jpg

Gallery visitors using QR codes to hear music that inspired the artwork

Size 13 x 18"

Size 9 x 11 1/2"

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In Memory of John Abercrombie - Jazz Guitarist
12/19/1944 to 8/22/2017

John Abercrombie Quartet, CD, 2017, Cover Art by Sheilah Rechtschaffer: "Shoreline" Pastel