/ by Sheilah Rechtschaffer

2014/15 were years of recovery from surgery. Studio time was limited.
I found with a pad and pencil I could create some poems about my experience. Here are two I wrote while in post surgical rehab in Field Home, 2014.  They were recited on the Highland’s Current website under “One Poem a Day Won’t Kill You” Mostly I keep them as my journal.

–Sheilah Rechtschaffer


Gene Krupa

She sits by the window.
In a wing chair.

"Is that Gene Krupa?"

"Yes I like all music"

She gets up

"I say good choices"

She says

"not me

It's the house music"




About another resident sitting in the lobby when the PA was playing Gene Krupa, the great jazz drummer. I thought the energy and the classic jazz rif was an interesting interface, especially there.