Heat Wave,  Pastel 20 x 26" 2016  PRIVATE COLLECTION   About Threads   In Sheilah Rechtschaffer's exhibition"THREADS" the recurrent theme is fire and water. Elements so connected to issues of environment, political events, history, and awareness of current problems, became the basis for this body of new work.    Beauty and conscience combine in this exhibition at Buster Levi Gallery.  Rechtschaffer has been making pastel drawings for decades and in that process employs vigorous expressive lines and spaces in high keyed colors and multiple layering. She uses her own recycled and resurfaced papers which leaves a base of rich muted color with textures which are imbued with the echoes of previous mark making that creates another "thread" of history and technique expressed in the newer work.  A recent rediscovery of her large 1994 painting, Fire in the Lake,  (also on view) reminded her of the loose and brushy, high keyed colors, an Asian mountain range, a lake aflame, calligraphic mark making, tied to events and travels, that dramatically changed the direction of her work.  This exhibition follows the threads of Rechtschaffer's thought process, color, materials and mark making, that never disappear and have evolved series after series, subject matter after subject matter throughout her art career, unconsciously in the earlier work and consciously in this latest exhibition.  Contact  sheilahfresco  @  gmail . com
  Green in Vietnam #3,  Oil on Canvas 36 x 48" 2010   Green in Vietnam   To remember Vietnam, remember green  Green of the highlands, not as lush Green of the dry areas, surrounded by sand Green of the rice fields is unsurpassed Green is everywhere Endless  Each rice plant in water adds to its reflection.  Peace is a fragile moment.  Vietnam is at peace.  And our attentions are elsewhere.   
  Rice Fields #5 , Oil on Wood 10 x 10" 2009   Memory Language   I continue to explore the interface between war, peace, memory and visual expression.  I am influenced by the characters of East Asian languages.  I see in the forms and in the rhythm of the calligraphy, fragments that I include in this new imagery.  These pastels and paintings pay homage to the characters of peace, love, friendship, home and destiny.  The addition of my spontaneous and fleeting marks are meant to only make fragments of these forms as they fade in memory.  What remains is a whisper of the sounds swirling above the vibrant color of the surface.                                                                                                                                                                       – May, 2012